1990 birth, Ukraine. Male. Bachelors degree in computer science.


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Professional experience

  • (Aug 2017 - present) GlobalLogic Python & Go software developer
  • (Feb 2016 - Jun 2017) ProofPilot, as a junior front-end developer and then front-end team lead.
    • Developing two front-ends for clinical trials platform, one for researchers and one for participants: Technologies: AngularJS, HTML5, ES6, Progressive web apps, REST, gulp, webpack, Docker, Selenium (protractor).
    • Some of my duties after becoming team lead (in team of two) was working partially as QA and product manager (requirements analysis, writing new requirements for backend).
  • (Jun 2013 - Jan 2016) SoftServe, as an intermediate Python developer.
    • Developing plugins for Zenoss monitoring platform: Technologies: Twisted, Zope Component Architecture, Ext.js, SNMP, PowerShell, MySQL, Amazon AWS, boto, CentOS.
    • Developed front-end for image processing application. Technologies: Flask, jQuery, SQLite, Fabric, supervisord, Nginx, Amazon EC2.
  • (Aug 2011 - Dec 2012), as a junior web-developer in CRM team.
    • Main duties: billing, automation of Yandex Direct and Google AdWords, site internal context advertising system, search in client database, emails to certain groups of subscribers, functional testing framework (Mocking data in database and SMTP protocol).
    • Technologies: Pylons, SqlAlchemy, PostgreSQL, WTForms, Celery, Yandex Direct API, jQuery, Mercurial.

Programming languages

  • Python – for a lot of small hacks, some game development, and clients for some web-services (bwikibot). Also main working language at Even know what metaclasses is (and can write some), but still can’t remember descriptor protocol (but know that such thing exists).
  • Go - writing microservices with Gin framework. BDD using Ginkgo.
  • JavaScript – jQuery, AngularJS, D3, Vue.JS
  • SQL – Tried MySQL and SQLite. Actively used PostgreSQL in, but very often throught ORM.
  • Scala (In December 2014 finished Functional Programming Principles in Scala with distinction)
  • C (C99) – learned how to create basic data structures during university programming course.
  • C++ – STL, GLUT, Qt (last two as a wrap around OpenGL) mainly for game development. (screenshot)
  • VimScript – know how to create custom commands with autocompletion and stuff…
  • Common Lisp – as a part of AI course.

Other programmer tools

  • Version control: Git, Mercurial.
  • Unix: Basic knowledge of bash shell, and standart tools
  • Networking: good knowledge of Ethernet and sockets, basic at other levels of network stack
  • OpenGL – with Delphi (WinAPI), C++ (GLUT, Qt), Python (Pygame)
  • HTML – know box model, flexbox, and generally am able to layout stuff.
  • LaTeX – sometimes I blog about math. Sometimes I need to publish my thesis
  • MediaWiki – deep wikimarkup knowledge, and administration skills. Former administrator of Ukraininan Wikipedia (resigned to have better work/life balance).


  • English – tested as intermediate strong.
  • German – completed A2 course, seems enought to survive in german-speaking countries, but not to have serious conversations.
  • Ukrainian – native. Intermediate knowledge of grammar and spelling.